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• Specialized lessee/borrower reports
Legal Accounts
Sub-prime paper
Credit Risk Analysis
Financial analysis
Collateral analysis
Skip tracing


Specialized lessee/borrower reports

We understand your lessee's business is going to always be changing. Sometimes they change for the better and sometimes they change for the worse. These changes can happen as early as a few months from the time of origination of your lease/loan. You must know what is going on with your large asset exposures. This type of information will be what determines the success of your portfolio. This information will help you be in the position to act instead of react. We will provide you the following information:

Conduct visits with lessees/borrower to determine best course of action.

ยท Provide you with a detailed report with the following information:

A. Complete financial analysis of the business and guarantors

B. Complete description of lessee/business and services provided.

C. Complete collateral value and analysis. Determine if there is additional collateral they can pledge to improve your equity position.

D. Determine if business plan is in place and being followed

E. Provide major creditors of the lessee

F. Provide the major clients of the lessee

G. Provide the major competitors of the lessee. How the lessee is comparing to other competitors within the industry

H. Recommendations for workout and resolution

I. Provide the best case, expected, and worst case recovery.

J. Other information as requested by the client.



1. Be first in line
2. Know everything
3. Early intervention =quick resolution

We have over 10 years experience in working with defaulted loans and leases. Through collections, modifications, extensions, assumptions, forbearances, short-pays, restructures, and settlements we are able to help you avoid the time and cost associated with litigation. We have over a 90% success rate in working out leases and loans. We love the challenge associated with getting a deal done.

We will perform the following to resolve delinquent accounts:
1. Send notices. We will send attorney approved collection notices on the 10th, 20th and 30th day of delinquency. Notices step up in strength with delinquency.
2. Make collection calls. Calls to start on the 5th day of delinquency and continue until matter is resolved.
3. If we do not have a payment plan in place by the 30th day of delinquency we will send out inspectors to the location to take pictures and do a condition report on the equipment.
4. By day 45 of the delinquency we will have an action plan in place.
5. We will proceed and execute all of our rights and remedies as called for in the underlying contract of each deal.

Legal Accounts

Where legal action is required we are able to save you costs through a nationwide network of attorneys that are specialized in doing this type of work. These attorneys will handle bankruptcies, foreclosure, replevin, judgements, deeds in lieu, etc. at a low cost to you. These attorneys are monitored for performance and provide monthly updates.


We use only the best Nationwide repossession and remarketing companies. Through our past relationships we are able to save you cost involved with storage and commissions. We have researched each company and verified that they are all licensed and bonded.

Sub-prime paper

I have vast experience in dealing with sub-prime paper. I have seen it all including deals with title problems, assignment problems, fraud, UCC problems, partially funded or unfunded vendors, lack of or missing documentation, etc.

Skip tracing

I have all of the state of the art tools involved with finding locating debtors. I will find your debtors through the use of these tools. I also have tools to locate your missing collateral. Locating your debtors and collateral = money!

Collateral analysis

Do you know what your collateral/equipment is really worth? Are you paying someone for these values? I have worked with every type of collateral imaginable. I will get at no cost to you a fair market value or appraisal of your equipment/collateral. These values are vital and will drive the decision making process.

Financial analysis

I have several years' experience in reviewing various lessee and borrower's financials. I know what to look for in determining the "true" financial condition of lessees and borrowers. It is important to know the true financial condition of your lessee and borrowers because a good accountant can make things look better or worse than they actually are.


What is the default rate of your portfolio going to be 6 months - 1 year from now? How much can you expect to recover from your various portfolios within the next 1- 3 years? We have been doing portfolio forecasting for several years and will be able to answer these types of questions for you. This information will benefit you in making future business decisions now.

Credit Risk Analysis

Do you know which leases and loans are at the highest risk of defaulting? Do you know the best case, expected, and worst case recovery projections of each lease/loan in your portfolio? What types of credit risks does your various portfolios have? We can project this information for you so that you are not surprised. We will give you the real picture of your portfolios. Due Diligence: We can perform due diligence on portfolios you currently have or are looking to purchase. We are able to look at the underwriting quality of the leases and loan within a portfolio. We will look at payment histories, delinquency rates, FICO scores or other credit rating scores, roll over rates, and other historical data to determine the quality of a given portfolio. We will also look for trends within the portfolio. Reporting: We will provide monthly updates and other updates as requested by the client. If you have a question on an account we will get you an answer the same day. We believe in being the best at collecting money and information for you. Flexibility: We know that each investor has different philosophies and ideas. Some investors want us to be very aggressive with no holds barred, while others want us to be more customer service oriented and work with the lessees. Regardless of your approach we are able to be customize our collection effort to suit you. Debt Buying: We buy the following types of paper: Credit cards, deficiencies (auto, marine, mobile homes, and recreational), consumer loans, judgments, bankruptcies, charge-offs, and non-performing real estate loans. We are very competitive on our pricing. We offer investors' money now rather than placing it at an agency or with an attorney that is going to take a large portion of any reco