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Home Owners

We are here to help you navigate through these troubling times, best of all,


We provide several plans to assist you regardless of your situation:

Short Sale (sell your home for less than is owed)

1. Help you apply/qualify for $3,000 in relocation costs as part of the HAFA short sale program (See for more details).
2. List and sell your home. We are short sale specialists. This process can keep you in your home for several more months rent free while you develop an exit strategy.

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Loan Modification

1. Over 90% of loan modifications are denied!! You need an expert to work with your lender. We work with your mortgage companies and do everything possible to get your loan modified with lower interest rates/payments.

2. We can provide a short-term loan to reinstate any past due mortgage payments.

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Avoid Foreclosure

1. Foreclosure and bankruptcy can ruin your credit for the next 6 – 8 years and YOU CAN STILL BE LIABLE FOR DEFICIENCY BALANCE! Take five minutes and talk with us about how to avoid foreclosure and bankruptcy.

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Please take the time and contact us!. We have helped several people in your area and look forward to serving you.