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1. We are experts at Short Sale negotiation

I am a former Wells Fargo and Bank of America Loss Mitigation Manager. I helped negotiate thousands of short sales and modifications for these lenders. I have performed Loss Mitigation services working with major lenders for over 17
years. With our experience we know what lenders expect to see in a Short Sale.

Through our contacts in the industry we are often able to get deals in front of the decision-makers, not the paper-pushers
We have the knowledge and expertise to get Short Sales approved fast! We average approvals within 30 – 60 days with most lenders.

We close over 90% of our short sale files.

Agents receive 6% commission on the majority of their short sale files handled by our office.

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2. We will save you Time

Focus on what you do best, selling homes!

Why spend 40 – 80 hours on one listing trying to negotiate a Short Sale? Your time is WAY more valuable doing other things, like getting more listings! Agents that have tried to negotiate Short Sales will tell you the process can take 6 – 9 months.

The bottom line:
o You spend less time on paperwork
o You focus your efforts on YOUR expertise – Real Estate
o You actually get the deal approved, AND
o You get your commissions faster!

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3. We will save you Money

Are you paying wages and overhead for an inexperienced processor to try to complete the negotiations?

Are you wasting valuable commission-generating hours trying to negotiate the deals yourself?

We’ll get it done, get it done right, and get it done faster – all saving you money!

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4. What will it cost you?

We are generally paid by the lender for our services as a line item on the HUD-1 called a servicing fee.

We are only paid when the transaction is completed. Our fees depend upon volume and listing price and typically range between one- half percent and one percent of the final sales price. Remember, we are generally paid by the lender for our service.

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5. How else can we help?


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Foreclosure postponements

Marketing ideas

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Loss Mitigation Services

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